Unique vr experiences + incredible vive headsets provide unparalleled levels of immersion in mind-blowing vr games + experiences for beginners or experts

Virtual reality the way it was meant to be experienced

You are a warrior! Step into the ring, draw your bow, face the zombie hordes. Wield magic, or be a spy! Dogfight in space, wield light sabers, play table tennis in the jungle, pilot a mech warrior, escape the most intense escape room ever…The options are mind boggling!
Virtual reality the way it was meant to be experienced

Virtual Reality is an entire simulated reality created for you to immerse yourself and feel what it’s like to be a different person, experience a different world, travel through space and time. Once you put on the headset, everywhere you look and move is a virtual world that becomes your reality for that moment.

We offer wireless play, multiplayer virtual escape rooms, and tournaments in a variety of games. We are one of the largest VR Arcades in Southern Califonia. Rent our Escape Room or VR Lounge that holds 2-6 players or an individual bay for yourself. We also offer reserved space for parties and events for large groups!

Our team loves technology and games. We share our joy of gaming with you!

Our only goal at Warrior VR Arcade is that you have an extremely fun time with a community of gamers who love to play. Feel free to send in ideas for us to improve and words of support.